About Us

Our Mission

Children in Crisis is a local, non-profit charity committed to
“Establishing homes and providing hope” for the abused, neglected
and abandoned children of our community.
About CIC
Children in Crisis, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of caring
people, working together to provide homes and keep brothers and
sisters together. We give a home to the abused, neglected, and
abandoned children of our community.
Before Children in Crisis, there was no Emergency Shelter in Circuit
One (which includes Okaloosa, Walton, Escambia and Santa Rosa
Counties in Northwest Florida) for young children removed from an
unsafe environment on short notice.
Without CIC and the stability it brings, many foster children would be
moved from home to home, some as many as ten times per year. The
Children’s Neighborhood provides a home to an average of 100 children
per year. Since opening our doors in 2008, CIC has been called “home”
by over 925 children. Providing these children with over 110,000 days
and nights of a safe, loving environment to grow and thrive. At The
Children’s Neighborhood, sibling separation is minimized and it is our
priority to keep brothers and sisters together.
Our neighborhood is growing, our campus is now built up of an
Emergency Shelter, five-family foster homes and Opportunity Home,
with 8-studio apartments for the young adults that age out of Foster
Care. In addition, we have a Clubhouse and an Administrative Office.
Your commitment to helping sustain operations of the Children’s
Neighborhood is vital to our success. Together, we are making a
difference in the lives of hundreds of children. Thank you for
supporting our children!